Graph Viz For Interactive Development Diagrams

Use GraphViz (and a few other free tools) to create a high-level interactive map of software projects.

Context: A high level map of a large software project is needed. Any number of facets including executables, plugins, file formats, databases, dependencies, and clusters of packages may be displayed.

Problem: Using a traditional diagram editor to create such a map manually is time-consuming and tedious. Also, changes may require extensive re-layout of the map. Although GraphViz can be easily adapted to a script, adding Wiki, HTML, or DoxyGen greatly amplifies the system.

Solution: Apply the following recipe:

Steps: Result: Additional benefit:
Comments? Anyone else done this? -- LayneThomas

Sure. This a great application of GraphViz and related tools. In the past I have generated method calling data from Ruby code, then plotted it using GraphViz. You might be interested in MiniRubyWiki, which lets you imbed GraphViz code on wiki pages. --

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