Graph Wiki

GraphWiki as a means of organizing user-generated content:

(In retrospect, it seems the above reinvents RdfTriples, minus the predicate semantics and plus direct support for quick content generation. In that sense, it might be worthwhile to support external URIs as points in a more direct sense, i.e. by linking remote content into the wiki.)

GraphWiki as a means to display graphical images:

Dig this Wiki:

Here's the source to render that graph:

Put another way, those of you with the itch to diagram via UnifiedModelingLanguage - and who can learn GraphViz's simple markup language - now have a wiki to author in.

Furtherless, if your graph source (in Dot language) contains an URL tag, GraphWiki (aka spots this and creates a client-side image map. Your graphs can contain links into your own Wiki or out into the Wild Wild Web.


Beware the site does not currently have a page on MiniRubyWiki. It does seem to be hostile and opened extra browser pages which would not shut without rebooting the computer. You can get MiniRubyWiki from the MiniRubyWiki page. -- JohnFletcher (August 2007)

While I am here, what I am looking for is the missing link of how to embed a RubyTk window into a web page. I think one of the problems I have is that the word graph is rather overloaded in meaning. What I want is to be able to display graph plots. -- JohnFletcher

This Java sample can perhaps be used with some tweaks. If you click on a node, then it could become the center node and its nearest neighbors are added to the graph (if not already there). You can keep adding until you get tired or the graph bogs down. The advantage of it is that you can drag things out of your way if nodes are blocking each other.


If you're prepared to make gifs of your graphs you can use my PhotoWiki for the same purpose. It's at


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