Great Books About Software

A GreatBooksList. See also GreatSoftwareBooks (which seems to have more of the hard-core technical books on it).

MetaphorsWeLiveBy by LakoffAndJohnson - this is not a software book, but it is about software nonetheless. What software people do is create metaphors that have operational semantics. It might be helpful if they more completely embraced the fact that all of us communicate using unconscious metaphors all the time. I got a lot out of this book. -- RaySchneider

Ray recognizes a very useful category of publication. So, here are some great books that are, in some sense, about software.

From MikeLutz? ( From BrianFoote ( From JeffBay: From FrankLusardi: From SteveBerczuk ( In addition to many of the above mentioned books: From RalphJohnson: Articles From AlistairCockburn: From BobKing?: From MichaelBeedle: From AnthonyLander: From EdBuffaloe: From JeffLangr: From MartinPool (all my favourite books directly about computing are mentioned above, so...) These are great books to be sure with lessons appropriate for many disciplines but I don't believe they could be construed as about software. Maybe these would be more appropriate in LiteratureBookList. BTW, I really liked Magister Ludi (i.e. The Glass Bead Game). Though my favorite is probably Narcissus and Goldmund (ISBN 0553275860 ). -- RobertDiFalco

From JohnPassaniti:

Getting back to lists of books about software, here's a few favorites of mine. These are all very practical books. They are either great because of their clarity, scope, or ideas. From ArieVanDeursen:

Just read SecretsOfConsulting by GeraldWeinberg. Great for any one who wants to change something - and introducing XP is always a major change.

From HowardFear:

In addition to the books listed above (particularly everything by Weinberg), some of the books that have informed my views on software engineering and management include: From KentSchnaith: From AndyMoore:
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