Green Bar Addiction

GreenBarAddiction is that driving need an extreme programmer has to see that UnitTest progress bar turn from red to green. Ahhhh, the satisfaction of that green bar!

If the bar is green the code is clean. (Said to the cadence of "When the light is green the trap is clean." from GhostBusters?) -- ErikMeade

Alternatively, the green bar poses the question: "What did I forget to test?" -- DaveWhipp

I have recently been experimenting with JUnit and Idea under MacOsx, and I was getting a blue bar, rather than a green one. Having previously read Wiki pages such as this, I was quite disappointed. What was I doing wrong? -- RobertAtkins

Yes, this is an outrage. What is the point of pressing run if you can't get a green bar? This must be due to some ill considered abiding to some UI standard. We must organize and protest. Save the green bar!
I don't get the GreenBarAddiction... all it does is encourage me to write simpler and fewer unit tests. God forbid that I should write a hard test and have to live with a RedBar for a while. I have RedBarAddiction. -- JohnFarrell

See TestInfected

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