Gui Frameworks

So far, I haven't seen a good overview and comparison of the architectural ideas manifested in GUI frameworks.


See UserInterfacePatterns, GraphicsPatterns

Interesting Candidates

And of course .NET WinForms?


In the beginning there was ModelViewController. Then there was InterViews and EtPlusPlus. Then a few of those guys got together with some others and came up with DesignPatterns to explain what they had learned about GuiFrameworks.

TableOrientedProgramming GUI framework info:

Although, "strict" relational may be insufficient to handle varying widget attributes. A MultiParadigmDatabase may better handle such attributes. NonOopGuiMethodologies also discusses some possibilities.

Comprehensive listing of GUI Toolkits and Frameworks with an emphasis on FreeSoftware:

See Also: CoordinateVersusNestedGui

Please see also the java wiki JinxWiki on the SwikiFarm to the pages


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