Hail Wiki

O Ward, hear my prayer.
I have sinned against Wiki:
I have prolonged pointless ThreadMode;
I have made noise, not signal;
Too closely have I followed http:RecentChanges,
Neglecting RandomPages;
Too little use have I made of
To find links to create between pages;
I constantly struggle against
The tempting insularity of AutoPcnResults;
And finally, in my pride I believed I could show
Others the errors of their ways,
Not first seeking to mend my own failings.
For this, and for all my other sins,
I beseech your forgiveness.
Help me be a model WikiCitizen:
May I follow GoodStyle,
May I learn from your example of patience,
And act for Wiki's benefit eternally.
Help me reSetTheBozoBit
And consider the contribution, not the contributor;
Help me recognize the moment of TargetReached,
When it is time for me to leave.
For this, O Ward, hear my prayer.

-- MarkIrons

Hail Wiki, full of grace, and also full of ThreadMode crap...

A HailWiki is a cleansing ritual you should undertake as a WikiPenance for uglifying WikiWikiWeb. It should consist of a few tiny chunks of WikiGnome work. If as many people take HailWiki penances as despoil Wiki, the site will eventually be much better for it. Not that I expect that to happen.

Do this in addition to, not as a replacement for, the advice in FixYourWiki. -- EmlynShannon

If you're looking for WikiGnome work, you could start with RefactorByMerging.

See WikiPenance

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