Hamburger Helper

Code written by a HamburgerHelper is worse than effects of CowboyCoding. Think of this person as the self-promoting team developer extension of the people who do CowboyCoding. They always want everybody on the development team to believe that they have the best answer to the problem and don't want to hear otherwise. They are all filling and little meat.

-- TimDysinger
[Note: Some explanation of the AmericanCulturalAssumption on this page follows.]

HamburgerHelper ( is a brand name for prepackaged macaroni-style dishes that you prepare with your own ground beef. You can put as much meat in it as you like, though I actually prefer to double the macaroni and sauce myself. It's a ComfortFood for some of us. -- DavidBrantley

HH marketing exploits wifely anxiety that hubby will not like her hastily prepared slops. Therefore it delivers a major dose of MonoSodiumGlutamate. See StaticCling, LomoSaltado?, MiLindoPeru?. -- PhlIp

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