Handspring Visor

The Visor is a PalmOs-based PDA, compatible with Palm's various devices. Its unique feature is an expansion slot called Springboard.

More info at http://www.handspring.com.

I love my green-and-ice deluxe, which I got for a birthday present this year after begging. I'm holding out for the Innogear <http://www.innogear.com/> SixPax for my first Springboard module, though. Of course, it wouldn't be anywhere near as cool if it didn't make extensive use of the PalmOs LessIsMore principle.

-- MattBehrens

I had the Visor Deluxe, and then upgraded to Visor Prism(color). I am very happy with my purchase. In conjunction with OmniSky Internet service, I think they are the best available handhelds on the market. They use the PalmOs platform, with thousands of free and low-cost applications, and a relatively low price on the hardware as well. The color display on the Prism is beautiful, too. --JoshuaBaran

Unfortunately, CDPD (which the Minstrel S-based services use) isn't anywhere near as widespread as voice cellular, meaning OmniSky is quite useless unless you stay near large metropolitan areas.

The Visorphone is a Springboard expansion module for the HandspringVisor that turns it into a cellphone.


Has anyone here gotten one? -- DavidCorbin

If it were cheaper, I might. Man, that thing's expensive.

And now it's cheaper. $49, but you can only get it with VoiceStream service in my area. Not sure what other areas have available to them.

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