Healthy Body And Mind

Even as BrainsAsaCheapCommodity, the commodity still has value. And therefore HealthyBodyAndMind practices are important to WikiCommunity.

Maintenance for a BeautifulMind

HappinessIs keep on learning. See TheDistempersOfLearning

Practise what is preached in SerenityPrayer. SelfManagement of your response to the environment around you.

SlowDownToSpeedUp and observe SleepingWellTips. Do not get into a SleepDeprived state

Consider RebootingTheBrain from time to time, else you can get into a MyBrainIsEmpty state. LeaveTheOfficeForLunchHour.

Maintenance for body


Cholesterol management

"National Cholesterol Education Program" has been around since 1985 (see, and yet lots of people today have high levels of bad cholesterol (see WikiPedia entry at LowCarb? diet (ThereMustBeWhatKindOfFood)

BikeToWork or some other form of RegularExercise?.

UnitTest for the body

Frequent bloodtests for whiteblood cell counts (cancer), blood sugar (diabetes that can cause limb loss / blindness etc.), chlorestorol, etc.

But that may not work for lung cancer, see Peter Jennings story at

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