Henry Baker

Legendary LispLanguage hacker who wrote a lot of papers about efficient Lisp implementation issues (like GarbageCollection, LinearTypes and TailRecursion). Curiously, he also wrote papers related to the AdaLanguage, PascalLanguage, ForthLanguage, and AplLanguage. He's written papers about 6502 compilers and relational databases, natural language processing, the ActorsModel, and low-level hardware topics like instruction scheduling, and code generation for the Xerox Alto.

His most important observations have been in the garbage collection space. He devised several novel collection schemes, including some which allow real-time and parallel garbage collection.

Now a VentureCapitalist: http://www.bakercapital.com/team_baker_g.html

See http://home.pipeline.com/~hbaker1/home.html

Can anyone figure out Baker's biography? His collection of papers is extremely and unusually varied for an academic, and I'm not sure how they apply to the industries he has apparently worked in. Is there a C.V. anywhere? What'd he do at MIT? (course 6 major) What did he do in commercial space?(worked at Symbolics, among other places). It's mysterious.
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