Ian Kjos

At one recent point: JustaProgrammer working for a web services firm, using PhpLanguage and StructuredQueryLanguage, while trying to grok the subtleties of ExtremeProgramming and FunctionalProgramming.

Studied ComputerScience at UTexas for long enough to prove programs and derive algorithms for AbstractDataTypes. Been programming for 20+ years. (Professionally for more than 4 years.) Finally attained my CS degree from HawaiiPacificUniversity?.

I'm now associated inextricably with the U.S. Navy. I got a sizable signing bonus, room, board, free education, and good health coverage. In exchange for this compensation, I do lots of interesting things. We'll see how long it is until they figure out that I can sling high-level CS theory around.

Generally thinks that OpenSource is a good thing by whatever misnomer, disagrees with software patents, and will elaborate as necessary.

OpenSource works include: CdrToaster?, which got in a trademark problem with Roxio (a subsidiary of Adaptec). At http://cdrtoaster.sf.net you can see the fallout. FunctionalPhp? Extensions - http://functional-php.sf.net for more info.

Has trained and lead others.
Ian: fellow Avatar Technology alumnus would like to get back in touch with you -- AdrianQuark
can you give me a clue how to say "Kjos" please..? -- RiVer

Yes, I'd be glad to. First understand that my name came from Norway, where the letters have some - interesting - pronunciations. The way I learned to say my name was not the way that my great grandfather would have.

Now then, the pronunciation guide: CH from church, followed by OSE from dextrose. I spoke with a Norweigian person on the way it would be pronounced there. Imagine blending a KH with an SH with a CH, then a tenth of a Y, then the U from push crossed with the OO from book, and the S that you expect.

I note that in DesignWithInterfaces you've put a note at the bottom that you're monitoring the page. Are you using the AutoPcn??
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