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Are there any systems in successful production deployment on top of IbmSanFrancisco? Do they have adequate response time performance, especially when scaled? It seems unlikely that they would, given that IbmSanFrancisco uses EntityBeansAsDomainObjects, which flies in the face of one of the first rules of distributed object design: don't make every object a distributed object.

There are no known implementations of IbmSanFrancisco in the wild. Perhaps they have become extinct? One key point: SF components are not EJBs, and do not run within an EJB server. Say it ain't so? Sorry, it's The Truth. SF components require their own runtime, which is distinct from IbmWebSphere?, distinct from IbmComponentBroker?, and distinct from the 5 other distributed object runtimes that IBM markets.

You may want to look at some of IBM's case studies at: though.

is anyone actually using these? Real experiences, not opinions

It seems IbmSanFrancisco is a third generation framework with design roots in EtPlusPlus then Taligent. Interesting to see if GammaEtAl? are using it or have moved on.

Judging from <>, IBM has discontinued SanFrancisco. Possibly parts of it have been transplanted to "WebSphere Business Components".

More or less accidentally, I had grabbed SanFranciscoDesignPatterns from my bookshelf and wondered what had happened to the project. --MichaelSchuerig
Sometimes over ambition generates good ideas. SanFranciscoDesignPatterns is a great (if dense) book, with lots of advice in designing complex object oriented business systems.


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