Ideas Without Pages

What do you do if you want to introduce an idea on Wiki, but you can't find any pre-existing page where it would be relevant, nor come up with a page name?

For example, the idea that humans before the first millennium BCE were not conscious (raised in TheBottleneck (discussion moved to HumanConsciousness), OriginOfConsciousness, WhatIsConsciousness, and another place I've now long since forgotten).

Or the idea that land prices are artificial since you could take the inhabitants of 10 cities of 100,000 and move them into a single city of 1 million. What would change would be 1) people would be happier because they would have more of everything available, 2) services would be cheaper, 3) less land and other natural resources would be used, but 4) prices would rise for no good reason. Prices on land in the city are higher because people like living in cities. And because of that, many people can't afford to live in cities even though in terms of physical resources it costs less to live in cities than not to.

Perhaps you can use whatever page name you can think of - no matter how cruddy or cumbersome the name - and then at the top solicit new page names. Renaming a page isn't that difficult.

Or you could name it PageNeedingName?, express the idea in a short summary. The page could then be renamed or deleted after a couple of days, should you or the interested readers not come up with a name.

Wouldn't that mean that only one page per wiki could need a name? Also, it's important for a page to at least sort of meaningful regarding the contents of the page.

There are many pages with original names and ideas from which the discussion digressed and the page no longer represents page contents, they should should be targeted for renaming as well.) [This paragraph is a perfect example of how digression can occur.]

WantedPages is a good place to look for a page name. The potential pages listed by the WantedPages script all have good BackLinks.

There are 30,000+ pages on this wiki. Unless you're wandering OffTopic, there are likely five pages discussing your idea from every angle on this wiki. Spend the time to find them and refactor them into one page. If you are wandering off topic, there are thousands of other wikis with hundreds of thousands of pages. Just look at WikiPedia.

Indeed - NamelessConcept matches this page fairly closely.

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