Identity Management

IdentityManagement is an important domain within SecurityManagement, which in itself is a StrategicManagement concern.

There are intense expectations for material progress in the implementation of robust IdentityManagement schemes. This is because for years our industry have been building up business community expectations in regards to the utopia of ServiceOrientedArchitecture based organizations.

Numerous technological advances (e.g. WirelessDevices) have created more problems than our capacity to manage them.

Not just applicable to human users

"IdentityManagement" term has also been seen in the context of "computing devices". Maybe one day SemanticWeb IdentityManagement implementations would advance to the point where "service providers" would respond to the "service requestors" differently and in an automated fashion, depending on the compatibility of the requested service with the capabilities of the requestor.

Framework and Implementation the MicrosoftWay

Seven Laws of IdentityManagement Apr05 see

One implementation of this structure is nearing completion. It requires WS-* standards promoted by MicrosoftCorporation and IbmCorporation. And therefore it meant either MicrosoftDotNet or the JavaPlatform, leaving out the LampPlatform.


An "IdentityMetasystem", including the use of a WindowsVista InfoCard component, will be the successor to MicrosoftPassport?. See,1995,1817451,00.asp

Forrestor 05 survey of IdentityManagement issues and trends at

WikiPedia stub for IdentityManagement at

Microsoft and Sun Single Sign On Specs (Web SSO) news at

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