Info Path

Some new MicrosoftOffice tool which apparently has similarities to Wiki.

Actually, OneNote bears more resemblance to Wiki than InfoPath.

InfoPath does for Xml what tools like PowerBuilder did for databases. Point it at your Xml or WebService and you get a draggy-droppy forms editor.

Ten Things InfoPath does -- DonaldNoyes.20111008
InfoPath screwed our org over royally. When somebody "saves" their form data locally, it hard-wires a file server path into the local document that references the template file. If the server dies and a replacement with a matching path is not possible, all those form instances are suddenly useless. (Maybe with some config knowledge somebody could have set it up right, but the default is fuckage.) OmniForms? and Adobe Forms (PDF) appear to work just fine if the network is down or changed, carrying the form "template" with them. Microsoft fucked it up. I can see where centralizing the template source can make it easier to change the template globally, but the local version should at least carry a spare copy to not depend on the network.

In other words, the client side processing of a form file should resemble:

  formdataX = self.formdata   // data in local file
  if a network template is available then
    templateX = get network template
    update local template copy for future reference
    display warning   // optional design
    templateX = self.template  // local copy of template
  end if
  open and display formdataX using templateX


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