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Oh boy, how big a CanOfWorms am I opening here?

There is now a wiki for IAs -- IaWikiDotNet -- at

See Information Architects by Richard Saul Wurman, ISBN 1888001380

I've never heard of IA used to directly describe databases, and am more than a little surprised by the "glorified DBA" option above. Obviously other people have had different experiences.

There are some online resources about Information Architecture that might help to clarify the subject:

Note that InformationArchitect is quite different from ChiefArchitect. IA is a discipline that focuses on the user-side of the equation: How information is organized, what tools are at users' disposal to help them organize their own knowledge, et cetera. It is quite divorced from the question of technical implementation, which is what a ChiefArchitect is ostensibly supposed to guide.

BehavioralEffectOfMetrics has an interesting tale where the choice of metrics produced different results.

more discussion over on MeatBall:

What does "information architect" really mean? Place your WikiWeightedVote here:

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Maybe the question should be "What kind of information do we want to architect?" Any brickie's labourer could slap up a building with the help of some mates and an offer of a kegger, but would they have the same designed elegance of achitectured spaces? Not that all architectured spaces are always better, unfortunately.

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