Integration Guard

ItWps? ContinuousIntegration wrapper for CVS and ApacheAnt, now available on SourceForge.

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The IntegrationGuard is a small additonal plugin for CVS. It supports the idea of ContinuousIntegration and ExtremeProgramming by checking the source code of the CVS repository at every commit. You can use the IntegrationGuard, for example, to allow a check in only if all tests are green (using JUnit) to ensure a stable build within the team's repository.

To parameterize the IntegrationGuard for a specific project you can use an ANT script. The IntegrationGuard runs the ANT script at every check in. Only in the case of a failure-free run, the changes are committed into the CVS repository.

The IntegrationGuard is currently used within a number of projects at ItWps? successfully to smoothen the XP development spirit. -- MartinLippert
The IntegrationGuard no longer under active development. 20070427

There are many other and better tools that support ContinuousIntegration. Take a look at:

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