Inter Twingle

InterTwingle is similar to the XanaduProject because they're both based on the philosophy that links between things are sometimes as important as, if not more important than, the things themselves. With Xanadu, the things were documents, whereas with the original InterTwingle idea, the things are people and email messages.

Etymological speculation: "intertwingle" seems like an intertwingling of "intermingle" and "intertwine".

Why not ExtremeIntertwingling ?

The original article by JamieZawinski and a specification document for an attempt to implement the idea (BrokenLink - 2004/01/28; text is at, but images on that page are missing).

There might also be a mapping between this idea and GraphTheory since representing intertwingled information would require some kind of unweighted undirected graph. I wonder what kind of data structures would be needed to represent this? -- AdewaleOshineye

See the UntypedNetworkHypothesis. -- MariusAmadoAlves

See also: Zoe and MozWho?

Ted Nelson coined the term "intertwingle" as a kind of synonym for "intermingle" but on steroids, and was fond of the phrase "everything is deeply intertwingled" e.g. in his influential double book "Computer Lib"/"Dream Machines".

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