Interaction Design Examples

Concrete examples in software,

But that can provide a mistaken view of interaction design as domain modeling. Domain modeling isn't involved when the design has nothing to do with either software or hardware. For example, in the creation of formal definitions.

A formal definition is a set of concepts which interact together in order to include everything that satisfies the term (the desirable interactions) and exclude everything else (the undesirable interactions). This is WhatIsInteractionDesign in a nutshell.

So for example, the concept of life is the set of things which are alive. And the DefinitionOfLife is a set of concepts that together interact in order to include everything that's alive, exclude everything that's not alive, and leave fuzzy everything we can't decide whether is alive or not alive.

And above we have a formal definition of a definition.

Interaction design requires a vast talent for analysis and synthesis. The latter is exceedingly uncommon. If you think you've got them, then you ought to try your hand at systems design.


Mr. Kulisz, I am overwhelmed by your vast talent for anlysis and synthesis. May you be my lord and master? Love, anon :)


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