Interaction Designer

From the XpMailingList (2003 June 16 timeframe):

Exoftware did a cool presentation a few weeks ago and they mentioned using an Interface Designer (ID [I think that was the term]). The ID sits down with the customer and together they design the screens - the ID is proficient in UI design rather software development. I can really see the benefit of how they are doing it.

That would be an InteractionDesigner and thanks for the plug, Nick.


Dave P,

I'd disagree with the above definition, or at least consider it incomplete. I believe an interaction designer is responsible for choosing then designing appropriate interactions a user of a system should have in order to meet their goals. If they're just designing UI, then they are indeed and Interface Designer. That is, they've specialized in a subset of the work done by an interactionDesigner. They haven't done the work to understand users and goals and choose the interaction first.

-- JeffPatton

See InteractionDesign

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