Interaction Diagram

See (ISBN 0201895420 ) [see also AnalysisPatterns]

UnifiedModelingLanguage (UML) diagrams that show the interaction of object instances over time. Two forms for the same data:
  1. SequenceDiagram (Wiki MessageSequenceChart) -- emphasizes the flow of time; what messages are sent in what sequence.
  2. CollaborationDiagram? -- emphasizes the relationships between objects. Clusters of arrows show heavy communication between instances. Shows "spatial" relationships between objects, much like a class diagram.
(Both shown at the URL on the top of this page.)

JeffGrigg last updated this almost 4 years ago and we are in 2004Q4. Do people still think this type of ClassDiagrams is a cost effective way to communicate with other developers with no prior application knowledge, and have to maintain work done by long gone gurus? -- DavidLiu

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