Interface Based Programming

Programming where components establish contracts with each other via published interfaces. Similar to ComponentBasedDevelopment. The latter focuses on the architecture and framework aspects of the entire application, while this page focuses only on the interface and communication aspects.

See TaoShowedMeTheWay. -- SachinRaverkar
An example of MicroSoft VbClassic description is found at

[May not last long, as MicroSoft is quickly removing references to information on preDotNet architecture and technologies. A summary by someone with working knowledge may help those who have to maintain DistributedInternetArchitecture stuff.]

Another article found on web: Looks good but too much reading already.

In LayeredComponentFramework, PhilipEskelin mentioned that VbClassic works as glue code.

The article from ZDnet called "Microsoft steers away from object orientation" dated Jan2004 probably reported on the same conference that DonBox spoke. It is found at and the point that gets me thinking is:

"Once WindowsLonghorn is implemented, would ComponentBasedDevelopment fade away, but InterfaceBasedProgramming continues, in a different format?" What I ask may not make sense due to my limited knowledge. But that is how the community can help me, and though its efforts, help other readers later as well.
At a programming interface level, please refer to AreComponentsObjects, QueryInterface, InterfaceDiscovery

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