Interface Definition Language

"Interface Definition Language" refers to any of several ProgrammingLanguage-independent syntaxes (MS-IDL, OMG-IDL, etc.) for describing object interfaces in component or RemoteProcedureCall systems.

The interfaces have attributes and operation signatures. Each interface specified in the IDL specifies the operation signatures through which requests are made.

An IDL is only a definition language; mappings to ProgrammingLanguages are provided for invocation and manipulation. Some IDLs support interface inheritance.

CORBA (CommonObjectRequestBrokerArchitecture) OMG-IDL: Microsoft COM (ComponentObjectModel) MS-IDL: RemoteProcedureCalls (RPCs) in OpenSoftwareFoundation?'s DistributedComputingEnvironment? (DCE): RPC IDL: CapIDL (an ObjectCapabilityModel IDL used by ErosOs, CoyotOs and EeLanguage):
See also DesignInIdl
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