Internet Address

[or DottedQuad?]

Internet Address is a number assigned to a NetworkInterfaceCard?. The form either in the InternetProtocolVersionFour? dotted octet quartet format:, or in the InternetProtocolVersionSix? format: ::1. Any octet cannot be greater than 255 because these numbers represent a 32 bit binary number which is actually the version 4 InternetAddress. A version 6 InternetAddress uses HexaDecimal notation and is 128 bits long. DomainNameServers? provide a database like service that matches each InternetAddress to a name. These names are registered with various entities that charge money to lease the name.

This is addressed from PortForwarding.

The addresses and ::1 are also known as the special LocalHost, because it always refers to the computer you are using at the time.

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