Internet Economy Of Credibility

Context: Wiki Forum with a lot of highly creative people more or less well integrated into the WikiWay.

Forces: people are forced to put their most qualified activities to their employers or their own business. Otherwise their love for free Wiki interactions could be seen by their employers as a distraction.

Problem: How can people engage themselves in Wiki , such that their WikiWay can be successfully extended to a WikiWayOfLife.

Solution: WikiWayOfLifeSolution? this is only a marker for follow-ups

Resulting Context: Wiki Forum with a lot of people earning their income, better integrated into the WikiWay.

Examples: From:

-- FridemarPache

I'm confused: Is this just written up in the style of a pattern or is it really a pattern?

ThankYou some guy, it's wonderful, if social intelligence can learn from software intelligence and vice versa. I just try DoTheSimplestThingThatCouldPossiblyWork , I think it has a good chance to become a best use pattern for people who love Wiki. -- FridemarPache

Slow down there Fridemar, you're confusing us. We're not as smart as you are.

I suspect it might pay you to start with the way wiki works now, suggest your innovations one at a time, and let the now very well established community here see whether they'd like to adopt any of them. GoWithTheGrain?. Otherwise you may find more people reacting against you than working with you. That too is WhyWikiWorks. --PeterMerel

Thank you Peter, you got me :-)

No, I won't play the smart guy. This role is something for masochists. I love it feeling good and enjoy it if other people feel good. Unfortunately I often miss the target.

I used the pattern form, because it seems to me a good (refinable :-) form for presenting a proposed solution to a known problem. I hope that nice guys of the pattern community will help to make it a real pattern. (I think at moment you would call it a ProtoPattern.) For my part I intend to deliver a practical experimental solution with starting the DataMusicProject within a Wiki community.

If the weird brackets lessen your good feeling, I'll try harder to avoid them.

-- FridemarPache

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