It Conversations

ItConversations ( is a web site devoted to audio recordings of talks, panel discussions, and interviews with people in InformationTechnology (the business as well as the technical side).

It's like a cross between WardsWiki and NPR. You can grab a bunch of interesting presentations, throw them on an MP3 player (an hour's worth fits in 30 MB), and take them with you to lighten up your commute (car or train).

For free. You don't even need to register.

I've been using it for a couple of months now, and my enthusiasm shows no signs of waning. My favorite clips are the SteveWozniak talks, though they also have KentBeck, AlistairCockburn, GeoffreyMoore (CrossingTheChasm), ClaytonChristensen (TheInnovatorsDilemma), GordonMoore (MooresLaw), BruceSchneier, PaulGraham, and a bunch more interesting people.

Also, if you're putting on a conference, you can get them to record the sessions and make them available on their site.


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