Itsa People Problem

ItsAlwaysaPeopleProblem. So said GeraldWeinberg.

And supported by PeopleAreTheProblem, where most discussions on this wiki go.

Even if TheManagerIsTheProblem, ItsaPeopleProblem still.

The biggest challenge of SoftwareDevelopment is getting people working together as a team on things that add value. None of the technical challenges your project might face will be harder or more important than this. from ItsaPeopleBusiness I think part of the fault is the education system. It tends to give nerds more nerd courses and "people-people" more social-oriented education. It should be the reverse in my opinion. Education seems geared to emphasize our strengths instead of building up our weaknesses. This kind of specialization does not work anymore. Anti-social techy jobs are now too easy to export to low-wage countries. from ItsaPeopleBusiness by

BusinessProcessReengineering appears to be resurging under different banners, previous failures been attributed to ItsaPeopleProblem by most of the founders; see, for example, the article titled "The fad that forgot people" at

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