Iwanna Learn

There are many ProgrammingLanguages to learn. What do you want to do?

"I Wanna Learn" pages: "Learning" pages: "For Beginners" pages: You may be wondering WhichFunctionalLanguageToLearn. For discussion of the general process involved, see LearningProgrammingLanguages. For OO stuff, see LearningObjectOrientedProgramming.

Many people recommend learning several languages. LittleLanguage.

"Which language would be ideal as a first exposure to programming?" See FirstTimeLanguage.

"What programming language should we teach freshmen first?" See FreshmansFirstLanguage.

"What do some languages look like even if I don't understand them?" See CategoryInManyProgrammingLanguages.

See also, CategoryProgrammingLanguage... most of the languages have useful information, and a lot of links, on their respective pages.

To begin learning just about anything in computer programming for free take a peek at:
TrailPage and CategoryRoadMap


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