Jacob Repp

Writing code for most of my life.. went something like this:

Welcome, Jacob. You might want to change your single hyphens to asterisks. See TextFormattingRules for help creating a list.

Interesting, I'm not too familiar with actual use of Wiki yet so I don't know if that was a person or an automated text processor that did that but neato. I will just be naive and pretend it was a person and say 'Thank you'! (It was a WikiGnome and having everything you do being edited by others is just all part of the WikiExperience good and bad. Welcome to wiki!)

So I'm currently working on two different games and have done some embedding of LuaLanguage which is a very nice simple language but I have an old love of the LispLanguage (Learned some SchemeLanguage in HS). I'm looking at possibilities for embedding Lisp into the game. Lisp makes many problems trivial and I am already imagining some interesting capabilities.

Some of these scenarios would probably require writing my own interpreter/compiler. I found the sl3.c source but I find it a bit crude for my uses.

So let me see if I can do the proper WikiWiki thing here and refer to LispForGames.


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