Jaime Wong

I'm a Christian hacker from Peru, South America. http://jgwong.org/

Hi Jaime, and welcome to WardsWiki. Have a look at NewUserPages and WelcomeVisitors to get a feel for the place.

Is there any specific reason that you have to say you're a "Christian hacker"? Does that mean that you hack Christians?

Heh, no. I'm Christian. And I'm a hacker. From Peru.

If you want it answered, there are many better ways than mugging an intermittent visitor to this Wiki. When I wanted to know more about what Christians meant by the Holy Ghost, I asked a Christian friend of mine who is a lay preacher. I'm sure you have acquaintances who can help - try asking at your local church. If, by some bizarre reasoning, you do think JaimeWong is the right person to answer your question, even though you don't know him, why don't you email him? Of course, you'll invent some reason why you have to replace these suggestions with another pointless addition to this page. But then you never were after the answer, anyway.

The point is to find out about JaimeWong's public views; the precise subject is irrelevant.

And what use do you intend for the answer, and why can it only be obtained from Jaime Wong? (I know you can delete this question; why not gain some credit this time and answer it instead?) The answer is as just stated ("The point is...").

Ah, so DV was right: You are "clearly angling to engage in a juvenile and distasteful game of "Spank the Christian".

He was wrong. If one asks a benign question, the answer will be of little use. Such questions are nearly always treated too lightly.

Here's what, blueyonder, I am game. Preferably at TheAdjunct. So now there's no point in disturbing this page. Deal? -- CostinCozianu [[btw, would wiki gnomes let blueyonder correct all he wants in pages originated by me ? -- there's no point in changing back "an even" to "a even", even if blueyonder is doing the correction.]]

Thanks Costin, but the idea was to find out more about JaimeWong's views, rather than just the type of appraisal which various Christian websites provide. JW has said very little about himself so far, other than that he is a "hacker" who uses EnEdit, but not Lisp. His website doesn't reveal much.

As he is entirely entitled to do. Why the sudden interest in him, in particular?

I've no idea. I wasn't particularly expecting him even to read the question, let alone reply to it, until his next flying visit in, perhaps, a year's time.


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