James Odell

JamesOdell is an ObjectOrientedProgramming and AgentBasedSystems consultant, author, and lecturer.

Recently, he has been working in the field of Agents (see WhatIsAnAgent & AgentOrientedProgramming). His recent articles in DistributedComputing magazine and his AdaptiveAgents tutorial at OOPSLA 98 were very interesting. There's more material on his webpage at http://www.jamesodell.com.

Working with the ObjectManagementGroup (OMG) and other major methodologists, he continues to innovate and improve OO methods and techniques. In particular, he participated in the development of the UnifiedModelingLanguage and remains co-chair of the OMG’s Object Analysis and Design Task Force. Most recently, JamesOdell has been involved in AgentBasedSystems and ComplexSystems and their application to BusinessSystems?. He is the co-chair of the OMG's AgentsWorkingGroup and a contributing member of FIPA (http://www.fipa.org), where he participates in developing standards for agent technology. He conducts international seminars and workshops (both onsite and public) and provides consulting to major companies worldwide.

He has recently co-authored books with JamesMartin? entitled

He is currently working on some new books on the agent-based approach. Additionally, he is a columnist for the JournalOfObjectOrientedProgramming (JOOP). In 2000, he published a two-part Executive Report (Vol 3, No 4 and 6) with the CutterConsortium.

He speaks about the concept of concept and the type of type like no one else; with the sort of enthusiasm that reminds me why I like those discussions so much.

Also, his nickname (Jim Odell) has a model embedded in it. Way to go, Jim!

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