Java Business Integration

JavaBusinessIntegration (JBI) is key to Java based ServiceOrientedArchitecture strategies. JBI defines a standard container in which components from multiple vendors and various integration technologies can interact.

But it is not (yet?) supported by major JavaPlatform technologies like WebSphere (from IbmCorporation) nor WebLogic (from BEA). And not relevant for BigIron legacy applications, nor found common grounds with the MicrosoftWay. This observation came from ZapThink?. OTOH, supporter include Oracle, SAP, WebMethods, Sonic Software, Novell, etc. See

EnterpriseServiceBus relationships

ESBDavidChappell was quoted by,1759,1677386,00.asp article:
JBI framework

Following taken from an article at

An analysis of the Jun05 IONA OpenSource Celtix EnterpriseServiceBus announcement (news at can be seen at,1759,1829547,00.asp

Since IONA supports it, maybe CorbaComponentModel will be the common ground to interop between worlds.

Mappings to the platform people love to hate

What products and services does this JBI get mapped to, in Microsoft products and technologies? Would it be BizTalk for MicrosoftIndigo?

MicrosoftWay says SoaIsPeace and SoaIsNightSky

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