Java On The Palm

Java can be run under PalmOs using the KVM. I'm doing a feasibility study for a palm application at the moment, and I'd like to hear from anybody whose used the KVM for serious work.

Please correct me if i'm wrong: It seems that the only way to get a Java program running on PalmOS is to compile it on some other machine, then copy the executable over. If you want to do ProgrammingOnHandHelds / OoEnvironmentForPalm, you have to pick some other language.

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I've put the KVM on my Palm VII and I got the Handheld Express extension for JBuilder ( which makes it very easy to build Palm apps. Have I done any serious work? No, not yet, but I believe it's very feasible, particularly the VIIx, with 8MB, or any oher PalmOS handheld with a large memory. The KVM itself reports its size as 273K. A minimal application is a few K, a real one would be at least a couple of dozen K. There's no AWT in the CLD or kjava, but at JavaOne they talked about AWT for PalmOS. Check out this presention from JavaOne: In fact, check out all the J2ME stuff from JavaOne. I don't think Swing is going to work any time before the end of 2000 :-).

-- StevenNewton

Has anyone done anything with SuperWaba?

See SuperWaba wiki at

Recent Palms such as the Zire 72 can use a downloaded IBM J2ME JVM


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