Jean Hugues Robert

Self description: Jean Hugues ROBERT was born in 1965 and started programming at the age of 15. He feels he once had a success with a one million line project that was late by applying the FixBugsFirst principle (he had a failure too).

Contributed the WorldWideWiki page (that was created before to describe the more specific site) and the HyperWikiLink page too.h

But hopes to be remembered for this definition: "Ecouter consiste principalement � se taire" which translates poorly into something like "To listen, one must, mainly... not talk". He somehow relates to the AspergersSyndrome ;-)

MyMyersBriggsTypeIs ESTJ (ENTJ on, INTP on, ...). Permanent obsolete homepage (in french) at

HowFastCanYouWriteCode, well... about 100 LOC per day, over years. Some of it will be OpenSource sometime in 2004 or 2005 or 2006 or 2007, maybe.

The RubyLanguage and JavascriptLanguage? (used to be JavaLanguage, for work) is what I use most at this time. I was an early adoptor of CeePlusPlus but I gave it up when genericity was introduced, compiler support was just too bad and slow at the time and slim CeeLanguage is still fashionable while C++ seems huge and fat. I briefly switched to JavaLanguage keeping an eye on TclLanguage.

But I believe that the future is for ScriptingLanguage/s, or AgileLanguage/s as some people call them.

In spring 2006 I founded d ^2^ lab with some good friends. It is not a success so far. I run some other experiments on Including a experiment on a strange simple text mode wiki at


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