Jedi Mind Trick

From StarWars:
OB1: These are not the droids you're looking for.
Trooper: These are not the droids we're looking for.
OB1: He can go about his business.
Trooper: He can go about his business.
OB1: Move Along.
Trooper: Move Along. Move Along.
Later Obi-Wan explains that TheForce has a great influence on the WeakMinded?.

Another example:
OB1: You're not going to give us VeryGoodSeats. You're going to give us an upgrade.
Clerk: We're not going to give you VeryGoodSeats. We're going to give you an upgrade.

Online Jedi Mind Trick Sorta: It can "read you mind" and knows what number you are thinkin of... well only sorta. OK, not really. Can you figure out the trick there? ;) Not too difficult. It ends "subtract the number you first thought of", after all...

Howto influence the WeakMinded?

The easiest way to perform the JediMindTrick is to behave as if everything is normal. It's even better if you believe everything is normal. People are remarkably afraid of confrontation that may backfire; the potential embarrassment of making a mistake - that everything is in fact normal - coupled with their own uncertainty of what is normal will leave you to go about your business.

Or, you could just use the Queen as your photo ID. (The $20 Canadian bill sports a picture of Her Majesty.)

Or I heard if you watch enough of the movie "Mallrats", you can learn how to do it from watching Silent Bob try and light his cigarette....just a rumor...
More hints on achieving Jedi effects: feed into people's assumptions and/or use the power of the SomeoneElsesProblem field. Clipboard, coveralls and confidence can get you anything from passwords to large color TVs. Have the right attitude: slightly bored or distracted. Derren Brown (of MindControlWithDerrenBrown) actually does some Jedi mind tricks in his Trick of the Mind series: 1) At the dog track, he slaps his (losing) ticket up against the window and says "This is the winning ticket. This is the dog you're looking for." and gets the lady to pay, even when the machine doesn't scan the ticket. 2) In Blackpool (picture Atlantic City boardwalk, kinda) he starts asking people directions, gets them to hold his water bottle while he pats his pockets, gets them to hand him their wallet and other items (sometimes). It's very impressive, although of course with Derren you can never be sure you're not the one being fooled about what's happening.

Derren Brown wants you to think he's using Jedi mind tricks. It's more entertaining that way. The apparent mind tricks are slick patter and stage mentalism. He's essentially repackaging stage mentalist standards, some hundreds of years old, for a television age. Look to con artistry, if anything, for insights.

Some politics seems like Jedi mind trickery to me. We have always been at war with Eurasia. How could you possibly think it was about the oil?
See also the WheelBarrowStory.
Related also to SteveJobs' alleged RealityDistortionField.

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