Jef Raskin

Jef started the Macintosh project at Apple. Much of the personal empowerment philosophy was his. He explored his own ideas about usability in the CanonCat. Jef and the Cat drew a standing ovation when they demoed at the already jaded BayArea computer club.

Jef Raskin died February 26, 2005, of cancer. He was 61.

Jef wrote reviews for the Fetish section of WiredMagazine?.

He worked on an implementation of his UI paradigm, TheHumaneEnvironment. He has also written a book about the underlying principles called TheHumaneInterface.

His son AzaRaskin continued his work at HumanizedIncorporated. As of 2008 he now works for TheMozillaProject alongside some other ex-Humanized coders.

JefRaskin and ChuckMoore need to meet. ColorForth embodies many of the principles of TheHumaneInterface already, and reminds me a lot of the CanonCat.

"Whatever idea that you came up with, Jef Raskin had a tendency to claim that he invented it at some earlier point" -- AndyHertzfeld?

"There's no doubt that Jef was the creator of the Macintosh project at Apple...But there is also no escaping the fact that the Macintosh that we know and love is very different from the computer that Jef wanted to build, so much so that he is much more like an eccentric great uncle than the Macintosh's father." -- AndyHertzfeld?

Jef always was a fan of text interfaces, and considered his text-based CanonCat design to be the ultimate in user interfaces. He was disappointed that the Mac used a WIMP interface rather than a textual interface. This point of view says something about what about the Mac Jef took credit for: its existence, not its nature.

For a vision of what to come also have a look at I must say that the zoomdemo represents in my view one of the coolest ideas since I saw a demo of OpenCroquet. ChrisSchreiner

Some of his UI suggestions trigger skepticism in me:

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