John Brant

My real home page is at

What a modest, humble entry. John is one of the great Smalltalk hackers. He gets great globs of code done, which isn't so unusual, but it is tested and it works, which unfortunately is so unusual. He produces, with DonRoberts, the RefactoryBrowser, the programming tool of the future. He seems to be stuck deciding between getting a PhD and doing something useful. The great thing about Wiki is that if he doesn't like this here, he can delete it. -- KentBeck

John is a man before whom raccoons, and superfluous comments, tremble. Bugs too. -- BrianFoote

Should we just rename this the "John Brant Tribute Page?". Seriously, IMHO John is one of the smartest compiler guys on the planet. If you ever have a question that involves regular expressions, parse trees, term replacement or deer hunting, call John. -- KyleBrown

He is a RedneckSmalltalker.


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