John Bywater

So, John, are you going to tell us about yourself?

Erm, I code for a living in Cambridge, UK. After I found Wiki, I've been feeling better every day.

Currently, I am working for the Appropriate Software Foundation, which is trying to strengthen software development capability within civil society.

Have you seen NewUserPages yet?

Hi Mark (is this MarkDilley?). Yes, thanks. Would you like me to reflect on anything in particular? (I've been lurking and minor error correcting for a while. Installed wiki at [old] work too a while ago and it has become part of nature there; asked everybody to read the NewUserPages... ;) p.s. Also dead interested in the open source union work you link, I've been following up same thing from international development angle.

Hi John, yep it is me, MarkDilley. I was just starting to add have-you-seen-NewUserPages" to people that I thought were new, just to give some direction. As for the OpenSourceUnionism OpenSourceUnion? stuff, would love to start discussing it! Best, Mark for my wiki home.


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