Jon Udell

Jon develops, and writes about it. His May (1996!) article ( describes adding conferencing to the site.
Jon may write about being a "knuckle scraping Neanderthal," but today programs in Perl, a language with no data types, but sweet on data structures. (BenSmith)
Two years later: BYTE bit the bullet. Jon's on his own, writing a book on Internet groupware. Now reachable at The former BYTE newsgroups have moved as well. They were reachable from but are now served up by (You may be asked to log in once -- try a blank password.)
October 1999: Now Jon's newsgroups are back at And his new book, PracticalInternetGroupware (, has just been published by O'Reilly and Associates.

Jon has an RSS channel where you can catch up with his weekly column and other doings; see

[Also at WikiWikiKudos.] Jon wrote a column for BYTE on May 1, 2000 ( titled "Newsgroups And The Wiki Way Why Heads, Decks, And Leads Matter." In it, he calls this wiki "one of most remarkable -- and long-lived -- online collaborations in existence, radical in that every document is editable, always, by every user."

Thanks, Jon! Francesca
More years later: In 2002 I find myself at the intersection of Wiki and weblogs; see What a fascinating mix of online communities, styles of information architecture, and modes of communication.

I love the fact that this page has been alive for seven or more years, gradually accreting small bits of my history. -- JonUdell

I finally got to meet Ward in person, at a gathering convened by ClayShirky. A couple of months later, I interviewed Ward for a column I wrote in InfoWorld ( It was a real treat. -- JonUdell

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