Joscelyn Kleingeld

I am a UniversityOfWaterloo student in Mathematics/Business Administration - Economics Option, currently in 4th year. I have a passion for education and teaching, particularly for integrating technology into education. I will teach at the secondary school level in the future, but currently teach Computer Science at the University in a job found through CoOpEducation.

We practice ExtremeProgramming and teach it to our students, particularly PairProgramming. I am a devout supporter of these theories, mainly from the benefits I have seen in the classroom and in the workplace. These practices were introduced to me by AdamSpitz when we worked together a few years ago, and the experiences are still with me today.

Also as a result of my run-in with a UniversityOfWaterloo CS education is my experience and "love" of JavaProgramming. Although I have some interest in other ObjectOrientedProgramming, and I have learned C++, Java is the programming language I understand the best. SmalltalkLanguage, and Squeak, are high on my list of priorities for things to look into (when I find the time), but Java is still my first OOP, and my first love. Next term, I will also be studying RelationalDatabases, and I will be learning more about SoftwareDesign.

I have made an effort to adhere to the guidelines of Wiki. In particular, I made a point of following RealNamesPlease, despite the fact that I would rather use my nick, Artemis. (Wiki thanks you - and welcome!)

I will try and keep things brief and to the point, though I have a tendency to ramble, and hope to learn a lot from here, as well as contribute a fair amount, particularly in the uses of technology for education, segment of the site! -- JoscelynKleingeld

'Pimps' - Carl Challinor used the word in the context of how easy was the question posed to us by Miss Allender in 1970. We were five years old at the time and unaware of the sex trade connotation. It is also unlikely our teacher or many other adults in the middle of England would associate this word with 'Huggy Bear' from Starsky and Hutch. Back then it was used to indicate a task or question too easy.

Hi Joscelyn, I assume you know what your last name means in German? 'small money'

Absolutely. Although it doesn't matter since my last name is Dutch! It's funny that it's not German at all. The actual translation turns out to be "pocket change" as a joke for when Dutchmen were forced to register last names, which they didn't agree with. Oh well! -- JoscelynKleingeld

''I notice you've been signing with " --" recently, rather than "~". Use of " -- " instead of " -- " (i.e., with a space before your name) is recommended.

Out of curiosity, why is that? I realized that using " -- " was part of the GoodStyle tips, so I tried to change it wherever I could. I'm still adjusting to the style of editing used here, but I'm learning! Thanks for the pointer! -- JoscelynKleingeld

The main reasons are to provide a consistent, neat appearance, and to aid manual searching. However, see also SignatureSurvey, WaltzingWithMyTilde and WikiEditingCustoms.


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