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Contributer to BottomMind. I really do think that way.

I am a man who prefers to understand things from the bottom up. I seek out the truth and will use it. I will not operate based on someone else's BeliefContraryToReality? for political expediency. I won't always call the person on it, but requesting something based on that is not really a good idea. I am not afraid to tell the hard truth, and not afraid of how many people's toes I have to step on to get work done.

Usually I support good CodingStyle, but I have and will violate all principles of good CodingStyle when necessary.

I preach bottom-up understanding of the machine, BottomUpDesign, DeepUndertanding? of the consequences of the VonNeumannArchitecture, high levels of abstraction, and the consequences of unmanaged memory model (PowerfulAtomics?).

I developed techniques for writing CrashOnlySoftware from only the first two sentences of the definition and practice this kind of development when possible. It cuts down on support calls by a lot.

I demand RootAccess to my development workstation. I will do what is necessary to get the job done, up to and including AspectOrientedTheHardWay. I think at MultipleLayersOfAbstraction? at the same time. I code in languages from AssemblyLanguage to DotNetFamily? at will. I can and will use FunctionPointers? and/or delegates. I am a ThreeStarProgrammer (or worse) as need be.

I am a SoftwareEngineer. Get used to it.

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