Junit Servlet

JUnitServlet is an extension of JavaUnit (JUnit) that runs tests from a servlet. This allows you to run tests from inside your app server, which is necessary for testing EJBs and a lot of other app server java files.

JUnitServlet was originally developed by MichaelNygard and TracieKarsjens, and was featured in the JavaWorld magazine article called "Test Infect your Enterprise JavaBeans." Check out the article at the URL http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw-05-2000/jw-0526-testinfect.html .

JUnitServlet is now an open source development effort, hosted on SourceForge at the URL http://sourceforge.net/projects/junitservlet/ . Since the version presented in the JavaWorld article, several things are being enhanced, including the addition or an HTML launch page, and having the tests run in a separate thread, with the HTML result page updating itself until the test is finshed.

I use JUnitServlet, in combination with HttpUnit, at my company (ValTech), and it works great!!!

-- DaveRobinson

This project is retired, and replaced by JakartaCactus. -- DavidPlass

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