Kaliv Project

Kaliv is a credit risk management tool written for the Bayerische Landesbank (http://www.bayernlb.de/p/_en/idx/invest1/invest1.jsp). KentBeck is the coach. JosephPelrine is the assistant coach. BerndNeis?, MichaelaHahm, and ChristianeDraeger? are programming.
Is Kaliv XP-like in any way? What language do you use? --FalkBruegmann
Kaliv is very XP. Our most important tools is a screwdriver (see LordOfTheFlies). We work in Smalltalk, of course. -- JosephPelrine
Any news? -- GerritRiessen
I am working now as an external nearly one year for the Bayerische Landesbank on the KalivProject and BoraProject?. KentBeck is history, sometimes people tell about. MichaelaHahm is now project leader. We are in the IntegrationTests? and will give out the next version at the middle of September. End of the project is end of the year 2000.

We write some TestCases, but not extreme and not at the beginning of the coding. We don't do PairProgramming. StoryCard's are used in this and other projects. This is not a XpProject? anymore. It is difficult to start XP on a big company, which such a heterogenous IT scene.

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