Ken Mac Leod

Scottish ScienceFiction Author not to be confused with KenBitskoMacLeod.

Author of:

The Fall Revolution tetralogy The Engines of Light trilogy Newton's Wake ISBN 0765305038

His books use science fiction partially as a forum to explore political ideas. TheStarFraction? has some emphasis on communism, within the framework of a society that has some similarities to that of NealStephenson's SnowCrash. TheStoneCanal? explores anarchism/AnarchoCapitalism?.

It's not all dead serious. As a fillip, Mr. MacLeod also lightly salts his novels with subtle in-jokes.

TheStoneCanal? has a well-written passage portraying a surprising use of BootStrapping.

TheStoneCanal? may have been inspired in part by DavidFriedman?'s 1971 The Machinery of Freedom ISBN 0812690699 , a libertarian guide to AnarchoCapitalism?. Note the similarities: one of the main characters of TheStoneCanal? is David Reed (who is a major proponent of AnarchoCapitalism?), and the title of the first part of the novel is "The Machinery of Freedom". Mr. Friedman is also reputed to be a SF fan.

If you are referring to David Director Friedman, he is indeed an SF fan, among other things. Wikipedia link []

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