Killer File System

DistributedFileSystem? VersionedFileSystem? TransparentPersistence? Who knows. KillerFileSystem is the FileSystem for the KillerOperatingSystem. A current trend is eliminating the filesystem in favor of a database, as in ReiserFS, but this rapidly becomes an application issue.

Simply offer a different view of the database as if it was a file system, but when searching or having different glimpses of the file system available for users (virtual folders, type and find immediately) then make most use of the relational database. I.e. on a lower level, use the database.. but on a higher level, keep compatible with old file system treeview. Applications that make use of the new file system features should only be able to install on a system that has those new features avail.

See also JustThreePersistencePatterns, FileSystemAlternatives

ReiserFour?? ZeeFileSystem??

ZeeFileSystem? has some promising features, like the inherent versioning. However, it's still very far from the feature-set I'd really want in a FileSystem.

If I were to list those features that I know that I want in a KillerFileSystem, I'd be quick to note that many of them are difficult by themselves, and more of them are especially difficult when combined into one system (i.e. because feature A makes features B, C, D, and E non-trivial). However, here those features are: I am interested in knowing other features people believe are missing from that list, so feel free to add to it or comment on it. I'll refactor later.

Note FileSystemAlternatives (BeOS filesystem has been rather influential) and UniversalCatalog (a filesystem-like notion of RichardKulisz).

See: CrossToolTypeAndObjectSharing
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