Killer Phrases

KillerPhrases are a tool used by many people (not necessarily managers) to squash creativeness and ideas they do not like or understand: The problem with KillerPhrases is that often you cannot prove that the person using them is wrong. Possible weapons are AntiKillerPhrases or being prepared. Part of preparation is to know them and thus being able to spot them.
There are some good ones in politics and media. (These also tend to be used as a RootPasswordToTheConstitution?.)

(*The word "society" is particularly interesting. Its use is usually ambiguous to the point of being intentionally misleading. It is the most trendy and enduring RootPasswordToTheConstitution?. It can mean "you", "government", "someone else's family", "your family", "someone else's community", or "your community" -- whatever the listener hopes to hear. Used as grounds for an official body to financially quantify an inherently subjective human requirement to justify government funding of a solution to a problem that can be stated as affecting "society". Interesting way of personifying something that cannot have a hope, dream, desire, aim, fear, goal or any particular condition for lack of a firm definition.)
The AntiAcademicWorld? ... A free killerphrase poster: Google others:
More interesting is the notion that one cannot prove such phrases as invalid without successfully implementing the notion, idea or process which is the target of the death merchant. So why give any credence or attention to such utterances. As a 40's song went: "accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative, and don't mess with MrInbetween?." It is far easier to oppose those who act on their convictions than it is to have and implement convictions of one's own. -- DonaldNoyes 20060412_1720

Contrast with LeadByExample, ActInsteadOfComplain, ItWorks
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