Konqueror Browser

The web browser and file manager of version 2/3 of the KayDesktopEnvironment. http://www.konqueror.org/

The KHTML component at the heart of Konqueror is also the HTML engine used in the MacOsx SafariBrowser.

Has someone sent these comments to the appropriate people at KDE, or has someone from KDE read this? If not, in a few days I will send these comments to KDE.

I've reported 1 and 3 by the usual bug-reporting mechanism. I haven't reported 2 because I'm not entirely sure of my facts. I now don't think the "server can't process your request" problems I was having were anything to do with Konqueror. -- GarethMcCaughan (who wrote the relevant text below)

Konqueror is fast and attractive, and it does most things well. There are a few annoyances, though.

1 It's rather picky. In particular, the following confuses it.

  <pre>Blah blah.
  Wibble wobble.

Strictly speaking, the <pre> is inside the first <p> element, and the </pre> that's supposed to close it is inside the second; therefore, the nesting is broken. Konqueror apparently dumps the </pre> because it has no matching opening tag in scope, but the effects of the <pre> persist.

Since Wiki produces exactly this kind of HTML when it's given preformatted text, any Wiki page featuring preformatted text appears in Konqueror as if everything from there onwards is also preformatted. Ouch. MozillaBrowser, as of M18, also has this feature.

This problem appears to be fixed, but I don't know if Wiki or Konqueror is fixed. Anyway, the above pre-formatted text works correctly now.

I don't think that nesting is the problem. Consult the HTML 4.0 DTD, and you'll find that P is allowed to have an omitted end tag

  <!ELEMENT P - O (%inline;)*  -- paragraph -->

("- O" means "start tag required, end tag optional"). A more likely cause is that PRE elements are not allowed to contain block-level markup at all anyway:

  <!ELEMENT PRE - - (%inline;)* -(%pre.exclusion;) -- preformatted text -->

(permissible content is elements in the %inline set, except for PRE itself).

Probably Wiki should be outputting real newlines instead of P when it's inside a PRE block

-- DanBarlow

2 It doesn't appear to cache form data. So, for instance, if you type a lot of stuff into a Wiki edit box, hit "Save", and get an "I'm sorry, Dave, I can't do that" message, all the stuff you typed will have vanished if you hit the "back" button. Ouch squared.

This also appears to be fixed.

3 There is no convenient way to get a tab into an edit box. Pressing TAB doesn't work. Neither does alt-009. Neither does ctrl-I.

It works now. I can just press TAB.

Between them, these issues make Wiki-ing with Konqueror a very frustrating experience. #1 could be fixed at Wiki's end, though Wiki pages are hardly the only ones that feature the sort of construction described above. (The point is that a <p> is a container element, but it's usually thought of as being an empty element meaning "paragraph break", rather like <br>. #2 needs to be fixed by the developers of Konqueror. Unless there's a way of making the Right Thing happen and I just haven't noticed it yet.

In the little while I've been browsing with Konqueror, I've also noticed something that may just be coincidence. I'm getting a lot of "The Wiki server cannot process your request" replies when I try to edit. Like, at least 90% of my attempts fail. I've never experienced this before; maybe it's the fault of some quirk in Konqueror?

I don't think so; I get them quite often lately no matter what browser I'm using. Perhaps WikiWikiWeb isn't scaling well... -- MattBehrens

Maybe the WikiWikiAdmin? should change to SqL instead of using perl tie() or something else that does global locking --AnonyMous?

One cool feature of Konqueror is the Enhanced Browser functionality, which lets you define your own "web shortcuts". E.g. I configured a wiki: web shortcut, so that this page is accessible as wiki:KonquerorBrowser.

Another kool Konqueror feature in KDE 2.2 - if you use it as a file browser, and your directory is CVS-enabled, Konqueror becomes a graphic CVS tool. Verry nice! -- PhlIp

Actually, I'm pretty sure this was added in KDE 3.0. Either that, or it was chopped out of the Debian packages for KDE 2.2, as I can't remember ever seeing this happen.

The CVS browser is actually a separate component/application called Cervisia 'embedded' in Konqueror. You need to install it separately, and explicitly select the view (the toolbar icon looks like a brick wall, for reasons I still haven't fathomed).

4 It breaks pages that already have tabs in them (Konqueror 2.1.1 and 2.2.2). When you edit a page, it converts tabs to a single space! You can't even use ConvertSpacesToTabs.


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