Kwik Wiki

KwikWiki is a WikiClone/WikiEngine built using JavaServerPages, Servlets and JavaBeans. Currently at version 2.4

It's written in Java. The implementation uses some ideas that may interest people with an interest in DesignPatterns (such as DependencyInjection) and unorthodox exception handling techniques. The author is AdewaleOshineye. I can be reached via my website at or via my Wiki home page.

The website for KwikWiki itself is at: New builds tend to go up when there's been some change worth sharing.

Features: I'd welcome any comments on the code/architecture from any WikiZens who happen to pass by. -- AdewaleOshineye
In version 2.0 there should exist a directory named, "history" in the "metadata" directory. This bug is fixed in 2.1 which also adds OsCache? based caching and other features.
I'm using it now, and it works pretty well. I wish I could place two capital letters next to each other in page titles.

I had to edit the code block matching regex as the normal one wouldn't match on my Windows 2000 server using MySQL for page persistence. The pattern I'm using successfully is "\\{\\{\\{(.*?)\\}\\}\\}"

If you want, it could be edited further to require that the braces be at the start of a new line, but I'm not concerned with it. But don't use \n as it doesn't work on all systems - it didn't work on mine.

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