Late Binding

Where polymorphic calls--or any other binding operation--aren't resolved until runtime. Similar if not identical to DynamicBinding

Is it safe to say that LateBinding is the same as WeaklyTyped and EarlyBinding is the same as StronglyTyped?

No. Forth is weakly typed; it doesn't distinguish between a variable being a pointer and integer. It uses early binding though; whether you are treating that variable as a pointer or integer is known at compile-time. As I understand it, WeaklyTyped and StronglyTyped tell you how hard the compiler works to make sure type errors don't exist, while EarlyBinding and LateBinding tell you when it does that work. "Weak" and "strong" typing are rather nebulously defined, like "low level" and "high level" programming languages. -- SimonHeath

See TypingQuadrant and LateVsEarlyBinding for more on this distinction.

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