Laurie Williams

Laurie is a prof at NorthCarolinaStateUniversity in Raleigh. She was the co-program chair for the first XpAgileUniverse conferences. She is the co-author of a book on PairProgramming titled PairProgrammingIlluminated! -- HakanErdogmus

Laurie has also worked extensively with BillKrebs and LucasLayman on creating the XpEvaluationFramework and has published several papers on the topic. (They are available on the NCSU Computer Science Department's Technical Publications website.)

Laurie is doing some very interesting research trying to isolate what makes XP work (if indeed it works). She is beginning by comparing the PersonalSoftwareProcess with a very similar process, but including PairProgramming.

Hey, Laurie, is your PairProgramming research available online anywhere? -- FrancisHwang

Laurie's August 2000 PhD dissertation (the research referred to above) was on CollaborativeSoftwareProcess (CSP), which compared pairs using a process which added pair programming to PSP, vs. individuals using PSP. A PDF of the dissertation can be found at -- KarenSmiley


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